dbg Library 1.20 Annotated List

Annotated List
dbgDebugging utilities.
dbg::assert_info Describes an assertion. (internal)
dbg::assertion_exception The type of exception thrown by assertion.
dbg::check_ptr_exception The type of exception thrown by check_ptr.
dbg::compile_assertion If we need to assert a constraint that can be calculated at compile time, then it would be advantageous to do so - moving error detection to an earlier phase in development is always a Good Thing.
dbg::dbg_exception The base type of exception thrown by dbg assertions (and other dbg library constraint checks) if the assertion_behaviour is set to assertions_throw.
dbg::indent Used so that you can indent your diagnostic output to the same level as the debugging library.
dbg::null_stream In non-debug versions, this class is used to replace an ostream so that code will compile away. (internal)
dbg::post A post condition class.
dbg::post_mem_fun A post condition class.
dbg::prefix Used so that you can produce a prefix in your diagnostic output in the same way that the debugging library does.
dbg::sentinel_exception The type of exception thrown by sentinel.
dbg::source_pos Data structure describing a position in the source file.
dbg::trace The trace class allows you to easily produce tracing diagnostics.
dbg::unimplemented_exception The type of exception thrown by unimplemented.

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